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Princess Sally:


In the sixtieth year after the return of the Noldor, ending many years of peace, a great host of Orcs came down from Angband, but was utterly defeated and destroyed by the Noldor. This was called Dagor Aglareb, the Glorious Battle; but the Elvish lords took warning from it, and set the Siege of Angband, which lasted for almost four hundred years.

第一棒  @杨不找(Élast) 


(ps. 我是安格班派来的卧底!)

第二棒 @MercuryLizard 

Sixty years after Noldor returned to the Middle earth, years of peace was broken .A grand army of orc swarmed out of Angband and wreaked havoc. However, what was waiting for them was the fierce counterattack from the valorous Noldor.They were hunted all the way across the plain and destroyed on the doorstep of Angband. This battle was called “Dagor Aglareb," or the Glorious Battle. It also alerted the lords of Noldor. After much deliberation, they tightened the surveillance of Angband, bewared of it day and night. The siege lasted about four hundred years, called “the Siege of Angband”.

第三棒 @alessar 

诺多族回到中洲的六十年后,短暂的平静被打破了。数量可怖的半兽人军队从安格班蜂拥而出,试图带去恶意的浩劫。然而等待他们的是英勇的诺多战士们猛烈的反击。它们在平原上仓皇逃离,最终被乘胜追击的诺多战士们在安格班城门前被歼灭。这场战役被称作“Dagor Aglareb”,或是光荣之战。虽然取得了胜利,这次袭击也警示了诺多的精灵王们。于是在深思熟虑之后,精灵王们决定对安格班进行更密切的盯梢,不分日夜地关注它们的行动。这一合围持续了近四百年,被称作“安格班合围”。

第四棒 @リンギル 

Sixty years after Noldor's return to the Middle-earth, the brief peace broke down. A large number of orc troops rushed out (like bees) to work overtime in an attempt to cause a vicious disaster. But the brave Noldor fighters rose together and expelled them (Eru Papa: Have a fight! Have a fight!.jpg). They were swept out like rubbish by the victorious Noldor fighters and fled the plain (crying out the name of Morgoth and Sauron). Eventually they were wiped out (Morgoth bless them). This battle is called the "Dagor Aglareb" or the "Glorious Battle". Despite the victory, the group scuffle was a warning to the Noldor Elven Kings. After careful consideration, the elves decided to work overtime (nice, work overtime in turn) to keep watch on Angband and their actions(endure mental suffering) day and night . The Fence of Angband lasted for nearly 400 years.(So, the Noldor elves had to work overtime for 400 years without overtime pay (Take the Elven King to court! (No (Finnbear is watching you.jpg).

第五棒 @曦音 


第六棒  @river 

Sixty years after the Noldor came back to Middle Earth, the peace was broken. Tons of orcs have worked like bees (Orcs: Strikes! Overtime ban! ) preparing to make a big trouble. Yet the Noldor warriors have bravely fought them back. For Eru seemed to want that happen, and they could not disobey his will. The Noldor drove them away like garbage. They could only cry out for Morgoth's and Sauron's help. Morgoth bless them, because all of them died in battle. This was what had happened in the Glorious Battle. Even when the elves have won, they were alerted. With an eye to the future, the elves started to work overtimes. They watched the orcs being tortured and gained great satisfaction.   The seige they've formed lasted 400 years. Even there was no rest during the whole years, they did not complained about their boss. For he was always standing right behind them. In addition, he was super angry. Fingon said he was almost as angry as Feanor revolting against the Valar. 

第七棒 @希望变得勤奋的哲 


第八棒 @CitrusX 

60 years had passed since the Noldor went back to the middle earth and the peaceful life ended at that time. Thousands of orcs worked as busy as bees to gaoshi. It seemed like Tolkien wanted this to happen (Hail Tolkien!). After orcs were kicked back by the Noldor,they cried and call Morgoth Daddy. Then Morgoth gave bless to those who died in the war (Morgoth:Would you like my blessing?Me:Nononono,thank you. ). That’s what happened in the fu*king glory war. Though the elves won,they went on working hard around the clock while enjoying watching orcs being tortured. This situation lasted for 400 years. There was not even a single day off but they never went on a strike because their boss was standing right behind them and he was furious. ‘He is as angry as Feanor when he rebelled against the Valar. ’said an unknown warm-hearted citizen Fingon. 

第九棒 @围虾子 




第十棒 @皮皮圆儿 

It has been sixty years since Noldor came back to the Middle Earth, and it was also from that time when peace came to an end. Thousands of orcs came and went, they never stop trying to cause riot. Of course all these happened because Tolkien wanted them to(Hail Tolkien!). After being driven back to their home by Noldor, orcs cried sadly and called their father, king of the dark world. After this, king of darkness would pray for those who died in the war. (“ would you like to accept my pray? ”Morgoth asked. I: I feel touched but ……emmm) This is what is called War of Honor. The elf, though won the war, still work hard and enjoy watching orcs being tortured. 
Time went by and four hundred of years have passed, there is no time to rest, and no one stop working because they know king of darkness is back there.
“When he rose to go against Valar, his fire of range can even compare with that of Feanor. ” quote from Mr Fingon, a kind resident who would not like to tell us his name.






骚 我真的把memory改回去了哈哈哈哈哈啊哈

Princess Sally:


Then Glaurung laughed, for so was Húrin's daughter revealed to his malice. 'Then you are fools, both you and your brother,' said he. ' And your boast shall be made vain. For I am Glaurung!'

      Then he drew her eyes into his, and her will swooned. And it seemed to her that the sun sickened and all became dim about her; and slowly a great darkness drew down on her and in that darkness there was emptiness; she knew nothing, and heard nothing, and remembered nothing.

第一棒 @杨不找(Élast) 



第二棒 @Amariee 

And Glaurung laughed thrice,for Hurin’s daughter was now exposed under his malice.‘You f*king idiots,you and your brother!’he said,‘and your boast is just in vain! For I am fire! I am death!’
Then Nienor was forced to look into his eye——
 (Glaurung: Yes,I’m just so good-looking,what can you do about that?[sigh])
(Nienor:Shut up.)
——and that made her dizzy just like Feanor after the ship burning——
(poor Ambarussa,died in his own father’s han——)
(Feanor:[drawing sword])
——In her eyes the sun became sick,maybe Arien has taken too much drugs;and everything was in a murky mist.A great darkness consumed her, the darkness was void.She knew nothing,heard nothing,and there was nothing in her memory.

第三棒 @Janet布丁 










第四棒 @围虾子 

Glaurung laughed aloud wickedly for three times, for Hurin's daughter was in his malice."You and your brother are all f**king bastards!" he said, " Your self pity will be in vain, for I am fire and death."
Then poor Nienor was forced to look into his ugly eyes.
(Glaurung:Yeah, I am as beautiful as Eldar's flower, as Luthien, you are bound  to fall in love with me. (His eyes were shining like stars.))
(Nienor: What the f**k?!Shut up! You ugly monster!)
This made her puzzled like Feanor just finishing setting fire to the ships.(Poor Ambarussa, killed by his own father. Poor Maedhros, who had to separate from his best friend.)
(Feanor: I will beat you to [bi——]!)
In her eyes, sun was sinking west (maybe Arien was tired after a happy day). Everything was covered by a dark haze. The horrible darkness which remained void destroyed her. She knew nothing, found nothing, and her memory was void.(A组4号)

第五棒 @皮皮圆儿 


(格劳龙os:dei,我就是辣么美,是阿尔达的花朵,像露仙儿一样,爱上我吧凡人!  格劳龙星星眼ing)






第六棒 @welleran 

When he saw Hurin's daughter in his own hands, Glaurung threw out three sneers: "You and your brother are basebred bastards!" Poor Nienor was forced to endure the  mental suffering and looked into his ugly eyes.

(Glaurung os: dei, I'm so hot, I'm the flower of Arda, just like the dew fairy Lúthien Tinúviel,falling in love with me , mortal!Glaurung's eyes were shining like stars. )

(Nienor: What the fuck!For your morther's sake,shut up ,you ugly thing!)

Now she is confused, just like Fëanáro who burned all ships a moment ago.

(Let's pity for Amroth for two seconds here, because he was killed by his own father; And pity for Maedhros for two seconds as well, because he and his best gay friend were separated in cold blood.)

(Fëanáro:I'll beat you to death.)

She saw the sun set in the west through her eyes.

 (After playing all day, Arien must be tired.)

Everything was shrouded in the shadow. The horrendous darkness led her to emptiness and almost destroyed her will. She lost consciousness and could  find nothing, even her memory was blurred.

第七棒  @alessar 










Il est beau comme le soleil 格劳龙的爱情,

Est-ce un prince, un fils de roi 好像一把火。

Je sens l’amour qui s’éveille 燃烧了我的心窝——
Au fond de moi 在我的心窝,
Plus fort que moi 你征服了我。
Il est beau comme le soleil 格劳龙的爱情,好像一把火

C’est un prince, un fils de roi 他是黑恶势力的希望之火

De roi… Je crois 我相信 如此———)


第九棒 @希望变得勤奋的哲 

  When Glaurungrealized that Hurins daughter finally stuck withinhis daws, he spoke with sarcasm"You and your brother are both stupid bastards!" Poor Nienor canÛt stand thetorture of looking straightintohis ugly eyes. Meanwhile she had a desire to tear her eyes apart.

      Glaurung: That's right, l'mhot, I amthestar of Arda as Luthien Tinuviel. Behold You mortalsl Fallinlove with me! Together we can boldy go where no one has gone beforel!!

      Nienor: What the hack! For your mather as well as your boss Morgoth, shut up, you ugly!

      Nienor was dumb as chicken at the moment, and she even couldnt think Just likethe moment whenFeanor had burnt the ship and realized Fingolfin couldnt swim!

      [Let us now mourn for Amrasfor two minutes, for he died because of his own father! Also let's feelbad for Maedhros since he and his Fingon were in bad situation also becauseof his fathe!][One world, same father(sigh)]

      (Feanor.I amgonna beat you untilyou cry for your mother!(Noooo)

      In Glaurung's fiery staring, she saw the sun setting in the west. Anar hada fun day, Nienor thought, she must be exhausted.

      [t doesnt matter, the sun set,but he is just likethe sun!](Bgm: Ilest beau commelesoleilIlest beau commele soleilHis love

      Est-ceun prince, un fils deroiIs like the torches in the winterJe sens lamour quis' éveillewarmmy heartAu fond demoiBurn my heart(???)Plus fort quemoiYou conquered me

      llest beau commele soleil

      Glaurung's loveis just like thetorches in the winterCest un prine, un fils deroi

      Thefire of hoperising fromthe dark sideDe ro... Je croisI believe s00ooo

      At themoment, the shadow hadcovered everything. The evil darkled Nienor into thevoidthathad almost destroyedher. Now, shehad lost her conscience Even her momery started to fade a....

第十棒 @リンギル 

德罗伊 杰克罗伊斯

第十一棒  @River 

The dwarves they drank all of the wine from the elves with joy, and felt themselves almost reborned from the honey-like liquid. As their mind wandered to the fairyland, the woodelves came. 
An elf yelled: 'Master Galion, come on! It's your turn now. Join us, and let us havefun! 'His cheeks blushed for alcohol. 
The sheriff looked a bit mad, 'Watch your words, pixie! You guys are passionate, but too lazy. 'He clapped his hands to draw others' attention. 
'Did you know that this dumbass job has already wiped us out? 'With this Galion stood up and put his arm around the sheriff's waist, and grinned. Although he was pushed aside.
The other elf whispered, 'if our king knows that his cheese and vintages were tossed in the stream, eaten by a bunch of jerks, we will be in great trouble...and we will never be able to praise him! 'Yet the sheriff heard him, he pointed his ear to mention the elf his audition was still exellent. 
Bilbo kept his eyes wide open, 'What the hell are they doing? 'The sun just rose, from the shore came a burst of noises, almost as loud as Maedhros roaring to his six younger brothers. 
Bilbo whispered to himself, 'O, look at those elves, they are loading these barrels to the rafts. The stream will take them to the fairyland! Go, Bilbo, go! Keep up with these deaf Brains of Cthulhu! 'He could feel the chiling air, even that he did not actually get into the river. The elves were trying to appease the fishes, no one noticed the hobbit who sneaked into their cabin. 
He thought to himself, 'Praise to Azura! I no longer have to be irritated by sneezes! '
The elves pushed the tied rafts away from the shore. 
Galion yelled: 'In the name of Morgoth, how comes these foolish rafts be so heavy? I swear to my king's crown, these barrels can't be empty. I say we open them and see what's inside. ' 

第十二棒 @森夏 


      “没错,  格劳龙说道,  “我就是一颗像露西恩一样闪亮的明星!哦,人类!爱上我,  和我回到安格班的故乡!”

      “卧槽?”妮涅尔惊了,“赶紧来个人把他领回家吧,看在维拉的面子. ....


      (让我们为阿姆拉斯默哀一下,都怪他沉迷实验无法自拔的父亲。哦,还有梅斯罗斯,  死于看到他父亲与芬国盼之后...与芬巩尝试着去了一个不好的地方)



      不要忧虑,  因为我将是你的太阳!

      哦,  他的感情  英国的王子!





      Sue Lyle~格劳龙的爱~


      Droids! Jackroyce! 我相信!

      现在,  跟随者格劳龙已经带走了一-切,邪恶的黑暗将妮涅尔拖入几乎摧毁她的虚空。她失去了精神和意识,甚至连她的记忆也逐渐地消散了,


梅熊 上古卷轴AU

◇帝国单手剑随从M×帝国游弓龙裔F,种族设定的原因大概是因为我不太喜欢诺德人,而老滚里的精灵又太丑( )











Princess Sally:


THE PRANCING PONY, BREE. Midyear's Day, Shire Year, 1418.
Dear Frodo,
Bad news has reached me here. I must go off at once. You had better
leave Bag End soon, and get out of the Shire before the end of July at
latest. I will return as soon as I can; and I will follow you, if I find
that you are gone. Leave a message for me here, if you pass through Bree.
You can trust the landlord (Butterbur). You may meet a friend of mine on the
Road: a Man, lean, dark, tall, by some called Strider. He knows our business
and will help you. Make for Rivendell. There I hope we may meet again. If I
do not come, Elrond will advise you.
Yours in haste
PS. Do NOT use It again, not far any reason whatever! Do not travel by
PPS. Make sure that it is the real Strider. There are many strange men
on the roads. His true name is Aragorn.
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring.
shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
PPPS. I hope Butterbur sends this promptly. A worthy man, but his
memory is like a lumber-roam: thing wanted always buried. If he forgets, I
shall roast him.

第一棒 @リンギル 


第二棒 @云海若 


Town and dancing, the Prancing Pony

Hobbits in the year 1418, when the sin of the Japanese were xxx
To Frodo the Adult:
Today, I got a bad news. As a result, my tavern was ! as there wasn’t enough hole for the pigs beneath the house. You hobbit should leave by the end of July, and put the granny back. If you had already left without my head, I will be chasing you! So as I told you! I’ll keep myself in good shape! If you’re to pass Bree, leave me a message at the Dog on the Hook. The Innkeeper (Statistics of the Lovers) is trustworthy. So find you lover now! He’s a man in long kimono with a slim build. He was called “The Man Who Runaway Alone” and he had affairs with so many people including me. He’ll help you with your career. If he’s not there, Elrond will in turn come to love you in his place.

Try to hold a piece of TOFU and keep your self nice and dry.

PS: Never enrich yourself! Never be the enemy of the night!
PPS: Make sure whether “The Man Who Runaway Alone” is real! Newbies have so many deep, thanks to that aniki named Aragorn.

The gold could be clear
Then what is it that refused to fall beneath the sea of the stars
My age is growing vigorously, but I’m not dying
Still can’t I see through the depth of the iceberg, as I runaway alone
In the deep, the new firefighter
The light and shadow of the river, wtf was happening in Las Vegas
Sheath your blade and don’t make it explode
No one had escaped to his side

PPPS: Statistics of the Lovers wished me to deliver this letter as soon as possible. I didn’t figure any good out of it. They always forget the pork as they’re having thick chicken breasts.

第三棒 @alessar 























第四棒 @Riverrun 

The pony who wanders around the village

Shire reckoning 1418, when the chaos have not yet happened. 

To Frodo who finally grew up, 

Now, I have bad news. The tavern is full of fat pigs. Thus, you hobbits must invite our dear granny here, and you have to leave before August. If you are in debt when out of my sight, I swear I will chase after you even in death–just as I've told you before! I shall keep this as my incentive to exercise. If you passed by Bree, remember to leave a message in Hounds Hook. The manager of the tavern, who was one of my lovers, he is trustworthy. So go find your love! The thin man who everyone called him 'social butterfly' wears colourful kimono, and will be waiting for you. He had romance–nothing exaggerated–with thousands of men, including me! He will help you to achieveof you. 

Don't get yourself hurt, and don't sleep with other men. 

PS: Don't make yourself a fool, you cannot fight him in bed! 

PPS: DO make sure the 'social butterfly' isn't a duplicant! Thanks to the guy named Aragorn, most of the young men know some dirty tricks.

True gold is pure, 

So what does not fall into the starlight? 

I am getting older in an aggressive way, 

Ahead of me was no longer the Hall of Mandos. 

And yet, 

When I was running away in loneliness, 

The ice is too thick to see through. 

In the dark abyss, 

Was another watcher of the secret flame. 

The light, the shadow, the water. 

What had happened there, 

You cannot reach out. 

None can escape from him. 

PPPS: My love wishes me to send this to you as fast as I can, but I don't see what's the point. They always forget the pork when they are swallowing the thick fried chicken breasts. 

第五棒 @曦音 


夏尔历法 1418,在混乱还没有发生时。


现在,我有一个坏消息。酒馆充满了肥猪。所以,你们这些霍比特人必须邀请我们亲爱的祖父到这里,而你需要在八月前离开。如果你在我的视线范围外感到迷茫,我发誓(对,没错,我就是要发誓)我一定会找到你,即使我有可能会死 - 就像我之前告诉你的一样! 我应该把这件事当作做运动的推动力。如果你经过布雷,记得在狗勾酒馆留下一个信息。酒馆的经理是我的一个爱人,他很可靠。所以出发寻找你的爱人吧! 那个人称“交际蝶”的瘦男人穿着色彩缤纷的和服,他将会等着你。他跟 - 没有夸大的 - 千千万万的男人上过床,包括我! 他会帮助你达到性欲上的目的。如果他不在那里,那么爱隆会好好“关顾”你的,你应该知道我在指什么。


备注:不要做傻事。你不能在床上打赢他! 乖乖就范吧。

备注2:千万要确定这只“交际蝶”不是复制品! 多亏了一个叫阿拉贡的男人,大多年轻人都知道一些上床的技巧。
















第六棒 我

On the back ofTwilight Sparkle,

Year 1418.


To my dearest,Frodo,

Tomorrow andtomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from to day. There’s a badnews you should learn, just look down and see the beggars on the streets thenyou will know. So I wish to invite your respectful grandfather. And do rememberthat you must leave before August, for September Sauron the evil eye is cominghome. If you worry about traveling without my companion, I swear (you are correct,I SWEAR) that you will be found, even I DIE!! 

There’s anotherthing you should know. YOU ARE FATED TO BE THE SPARKLE OF THE REVOLUTION!!!Today just two of us, tomorrow will be more of us. And don’t forget to leave amessage when you pass the café Musain. The owner is one of my lovers, a lovely ladyyou will see. One more day is revolution, so you must go and get your job done.There’s a man in spooky kimono called the Phantom of the Epic. He is waitingfor you. If he disappears, Marquis de Erlond can take care of you. You knowwhat I mean.lol

PS. Don’t be fool,my silly boy. It’s HERE, the Middle-Earth Revolution!

PS of PS. Makesure the man you meet is phantom of EPIC, not phantom of OPEARA or the phantomof POEM or phantom of SHAKESPEARE. Here is a poem about him.

The purest thingis real gold.

In the stars Iturned to old.

Which before me isno longer Mandos cold.

But I run away forthe lonely.

The ice is toothick to see thoroughly.

In the endlesshole of the darkest side,

Another guard ofthe secret fire.

The light, theshadow and the water,

Do not throw awayyour shot.

第七棒 @MercuryLizard 





        还有一件事,一件你应当明了之事,你命中注定将会点燃革命的燎原之火!!并且在明日,我们的队伍里将会有更多志同道合的伙伴。途经缪尚咖啡时勿忘留言,那的店长是位可爱的女子,也是我众多的情人之一。革命已然蓄势待发,赶快踏上征程,达成你的命定之事。那有一个身着怪异和服, 名为“史诗魅影”的男子在等候着你。如果他凭空消失,可以向德·埃尔隆德侯爵寻求帮助。强行达成共识 jpg.












第八棒 @皮皮圆儿 

Written on a horse at dusk, Shire year 1418


To my dearest Frodo:

Day by day, time just goes by without ourrealizing it, and some really bad things just come with it. I think you musthave realized it even if I didn’t mention it to you, as there are so manybeggars losing their home and hanging on the street. Therefore, I would like toinvite your grandfather to come. You must bear in mind that you must leavebefore August, because the Dark Lord and its evil eyes will come back inSeptember. If you feel worried because I won’t be there with you to guide youand accompany you in your journey, then I swear (yes, I swear) that even if Iam dying, you would never be alone.

And another thing you must realize is that,you are to light the torch of the revolution! And tomorrow, there will be morefriends in our team who fight towards the same cause as us. When you comeacross Muse cafe, don’t forget to leave a message. By the way, the owner of thecafe is a really lovely girl, and she is one of those who I really love. Therevolution is coming, come on and start your journey towards where your destinyleads. You will find someone wearing strange clothes waiting there for you,whose name is “Phantom of the epic”. If he disappeared suddenly, you could turnto Lord Elrond for help, and you will finally come to understand each other.

Ps: remember to look before you leap, don’ttry some dangerous things just out of nerve. The spirit of revolution isspreading, as fire spreading on the prairie, and within a blink it will becomesomething irreversible.

Pss: make sure the man you meet is “Phantomof the epic” rather than of the “Opera” or “poem” or “Shakespeare”. Here is apoem written for him:


Like the purest thing in the world, shiningas gold

Being there between the stars, getting old

The long long road twisting before my eyes,thee never lead to the house of death, which is cold

Oh! The loneliness, thee makes me shrinkback

The coldness, you tear me down, climbing onmy back

The light, thee duck into shadow, into thecave, which is so dark

And there is another one who serve thesecret fire

You see! light and shadow are dancing withwater

Catch the chance and never hesitate.

第九棒 @今天的青钰也在咕咕咕 

在我们尚未意识到的时候,时间早已悄然流逝,带来的却是糟糕的兆头。我想,即便我从未提醒过你,但在这么多失去自己家园,沦落为乞丐的人暴死街头之后,你也会明白发生了什么的。因此,  我想要邀请你的祖父。你须记得,  你必须在八月前离开这里,因为黑暗魔君的眼线将在九月归来。如果你担心我无法陪在你身边,指引你的旅途的话,那么我保证(是的,我发誓)除非我已不在人世,你的旅途定不会孤独。

孩,她是当你遇到Muse咖啡馆时,s欢的人之  -。革命来了,  开始你的人生牛之旅吧。你会发现我是_个穿着
奇怪衣服等着你的人,他的名字叫“epi c幽灵”。如果他突然失踪了,你可以求助于埃尔隆德勋爵,你最终会理解对方的。


Pss:确保你遇到的男人是“史诗魅影”,而不是“歌剧”、 "oem" 或“莎士比亚”。这是一首写给他的诗:



Shire year,141 8, on the prancing horse

Dear Frodo,

Time passed away before being awared,yet it brought a terrible portent. Thoughl've  never  reminded  you,  you'll knowwhat  had  happened  after  seeing  SOmany people lost their homes and madea living by begging,l think. That's thereason  why  l'd  like  to  invite  yourgrandfather. Remember to get  out  ofhere  before  August,  cause  the  DarkLord's spies will return in September.Ifyou're concerning about that I can't beyour  side  to guide your journey,then lpromise( Yeah,l swear) you'll never bealone unless l'm  not in Middle  Earth.

Another thing you must realize is thatyou're going to light the fire of evolution!Tomorrow more friends will join us tofight together. Leave a message whenyou pass through the Muse Coffee. Thehost is a cute  girl, who is one of myfavorite people. Revolution is coming.Begin your life journey. You can find thathe wears weird clothes waiting for you.His name is Epic Ghost. If he suddenlydisappears, you can ask Elrond for helpand finally you'll understand him.

P.S. Remember to look before you  doand never take a risk to act incautiously,while our spirits are overspreading as aprairie fire, turning into something thatcan never be reversed transitorily.

P.S.S.  Make sure that the man is EpicGhost,

not"OperaPoemor' ' Shakespeare' .

Here's the poem wrote to him:

Like the purest in Middle Earth, glitteringgolden lights among the stars, a pathwinding before me, which will never leadto  the  Hall  of  Death,  a  frozen  andheartless place.Oh, loneliness, you holdme back, you hold  me back, you pushover me, climbing to the light  on myback, you hide into the shadows, youhide into the holes, there's dark but stillstays a man at the Secret Fire's service!Light  and  water  are  dancingtogether. .Grasp  the  opportunity  andnever hesitate.

第十一棒 @Janet布丁 




P.S. 记住在行事前要查明情况,不要轻易行动。这时我们的情绪是大草原上快速传播的火,转化成了某些不能短时间阻挡的东西。

P.S.S. 确定那个人的名字是英勇的鬼,不是“戏剧”“诗”或“莎士比亚”。



P.S.S.S.  fingolfin带领的精灵刚穿越冰峡到达中土,或许你会在路途上看到fingon殿下独自快速行路,因他想要救出他的堂兄,他们情同爱人。若真有如此好运,愿fingon殿下的勇敢能助你前行。

第十二棒 @FreyaM 

Shire Year, 1418, in the prancing Pony.

Dear Frodo:

Time flies by and up arises ill omen. Though I have never mentioned to you, I trust you to realize what has happened considering plenty of people being homeless. The foe is merely five hundred miles away from the Shire, they demolish the houses along the way as well as bring lord maedhro(???) with them. Survivors pouring into Shire while it is no longer safe there, therefore I would like to invite your grandfather. Make sure you leave by August, right before Sauron’s man comes. You shall not worry, as I swear to Mandos that you will not be alone unless I am gone. Be fearless and there you go, lighting the flame of changing then more of our friends shall come and fight on our side. Do leave a message when you pass the Muse Café, whose lovely host is one of my favorite girls. The revolution is calling so start you journey, if the man who wear bizarre clothes and waiting for you should disappear, you may turn to Elrond, who would certainly offer help.

PS. Do not act rashly before everything is clear. Our emotions is now the fire spreading on the prairie, changing into some unstoppable things.

PPS. Make sure the name of the man is “bold ghost”.Here is a poet for him:The most pure treasure he is,Glittering between the stars,Long road stretch in front of me,Leads no more to land of death,Cold and frosty there is,Longlines shall postpone me,Crawl to the light from my shoulder,Inside the shadow and deep down the cave,In darkness there still stands a man,Underneath stars and besides the dancing water,Chances shall not be let go with hesitation.

PPPS. Elves lead by fingolfin(???) sailed across the frosty gorge to the middle earth, you may find Lord fingon(???) striding by himself, hurrying to rescue his cousin, who is extremely close to him. If so, may him bravery accompany you on the way ahead.

第十四棒 @佛罗伦萨的俯瞰者 







ID是River 可以随意称呼

  ◇佛系半退坑 有新电影就磕磕粮

大概主要的就这些 其他还有法亚瑟/GLEE/HP/神夏/梅林/法扎/冰火/GF/R&M/凹凸/老滚/ST/汉尼拔/POI/小白领

SouthPark看了前几季听说后面很虐 style股似乎跌停了???(我再也不敢随便入坑了 暴哭)

以及in progress的拿战/克苏鲁/银河帝国(总有一天我会啃完的!_(:зゝ∠)_)

cp基本上都吃 雷点父子


最近想吃纯糖 就是清纯的恋爱故事那种 流泪微笑.jpg 之前刀子嗑猛了

本命Imagine Dragons/Fall Out Boy/Two Steps From Hell(本命歌是Star Sky)/Coldplay

什么都想学但是下不了苦工orz在慢慢看Ardalambion的昆雅教程 试图学......龙语???





Princess Sally:


Then they drank once round and became mighty merry all of a sudden. But they did not quite lose their wits. "Save us, Galion!" cried some."you begin your feasting early and muddled your wits! You have stacked some full casks here instead of the empty ones,if there is anything in weight."

"Get on with the work!" growled the butler. "There Is nothing in the feeling of weight in an idle toss-pot's arms. These are the ones to go and no others. Do as I say !"

     "Very well, very well," they answered rolling the barrels to the opening. "On your head be it, if the king's full butter-- tubs and his best wine is. pushed into the river for the Lake-men to feast on for nothing!"He woke again with a specially loud sneeze. It was already grey morning, and there was a merry".racket down by the river.

They were making up a raft of barrels, and the raft-elves would soon be steering it off down the stream to Lake-town Bilbo sneezed again. He was no longer dripping but he felt cold all over. He scrambled down as fast as his stiff legs would take him and managed just in time to get on to the mass of casks without being noticed in the general bustle. Luckily there was no sun at the time to cast an awkward shadow, and for a mercy he did not sneeze again for a good while.

     There was a mighty pushing of poles. The elves that were standing in the shallow water heaved and shoved.The barrels now all lashed together creaked and fretted.

     "This is a heavy load!"some grumbled. "They float too deep-Some of these are never empty. If they had comeashore in the daylight, we might have had a look inside," they said.

     "No time now!" cried the raftman. "Shove off!"

     And off they went at last, slowly at first, until they had passed the point of rock where other elves stood to fend them off with poles,and then quicker and quicker as hey caught the main stream and went sailing away down, down towards the Lake. 

第一棒 @Janet布丁 


第二棒 @リンギル 

So they all had a round of drinks and suddenly became excited. But they hadn’t reached the point of being アホウ. "Come on, Galion!" Someone shouted, "you have already started your holiday, and now you are having too much! You piled up the full buckets here as if they were empty, they’re really too 太った."
“Behave yourself and go to work." The manager calls. “Everything’s too heavy for you little slackers. That’s it, nothing wrong. Be good.”
"All right, all right," they pushed the barrel into the opening while answering. "If the King's butter and wine are pushed into the river, letting those people in the river have a free meal, then you’ll be fucked by the King!”
He woke up with a huge sneeze. It's dawn, and it started being noisy on the riverbank. The elves organized the barrel, and the spirits of raft threw them into the river and rushed to the Lake-town. Bilbo sneezed again. He was no longer wet, but was freezing. He ran as fast as he could with his frozen little legs, and finally got on the raft in chaos and without being spotted. Luckily, the sungonggong had not risen yet, so he wouldn’t have himself followed by an embarrassing shadow, and Eru PaPa sympathized with him so he didn’t sneeze for a while.
Some of the elves are holding up with long poles, and some are pushing to get the rafts off the shore. The elves standing in the shallow water dragged and dragged. Buckets are now tied together, rubbing against each other.
"This raft is really fucking heavy!" An elf complained, "they rides very low - some are definitely not empty, maybe there're something weird inside, dirty dwarfs maybe. If they come during the daytime, we may be able to see what's inside, "they said.
“We’re out of time now!" The poling one shouted. “Push!"
The raft finally drifted away, slowly at first, until they came alongside that big stone, where the semen pushed the raft off with a long pole. Then it entered the main channel, becoming faster and faster, drifting to the faraway Lake-town.

第三棒 @泽拉大魔王 


第四棒 @Alessar 

Thus, each of them has a cup and soon enough, becomes excited. Luckily, however, they are still awake, not heady and euphoric. ‘Come on, Galion!’ somebody shouts, ‘Here comes your holiday! You have eaten too much now and you leave all these buckets of wine here as if they are all empty—they are far too messy!’

  ‘Be obedient young boy, go back to work!’ the elf in command shouts back, ‘For lazy bones of your kind, everything is heavy. Ay, keep going, you’re doing fine!’

  ‘As you wish, sire.’ They mumble as they roll the buckets, ‘sf the sweet wine and fine butter of our king is thrown into the river and later becomes free lunch of the dwellers, you will get f**ked right here on the floor sooner or later!’

  He sneezes as he wakes up. The day has already shone. The river band is now clamorous—elves stack the buckets and throw them into the river on a raft icy water will then drift them to Lake Town. Bilbo sneezes again, he’ s not wet but freezing. He runs as fast as possible with his almost frozen legs and eventually grovels on the raft in the chaos without being seen. Thank Eru, the sun is not high above so there won’t be any embarrassing shadow that follows. Clear enough, Eru is truly in his favor, later Bilbo doesn’t sneeze.

  Some elves row the boat with long rod and others push it as it leaves the river bank. Buckets are now tied together, rubbing.

  ‘The raft is so dam heavy!’ one of the elves standing in shallow water who is dragging the raft complains, ‘It’s definitely not empty, see how deep the draught. Something must be inside, like ragged dwarves.’ ‘If it comes in the early morning, we may open up and see what’s inside.’ They say.

  ‘But now we are running out of time.’ Another yells, ‘Push! Now!’

  Finally the raft drifts away slowly. Until it gets close to a huge rock and elves push it with rod does the raft enter the main channel. It flows faster and faster to Lake Town far away.

第五棒 @Nierninwa 



"We will, sir. " "If our king's wine and butter are thrown into the river to become the free food of the residents, you will be harshly fuck on the floor here sooner or later," they grunt. When he woke up, he sneezed, and it was time for the sun to shine. The river banks are very noisy. The elves heaped up the barrels and installed the rafts, and the icy river would send them to the town of Chang Hu. Bill had sneezed again. He was not wet, but he felt chilled to the bone. He ran away with his frozen legs, and finally climbed into a raft without confusion. Thank you, as the sun has not risen so high that he has cast a sneaky shadow. Moreover, he was obviously as well liked, and he would not sneeze for a while. Some elves rowed with long poles while others pushed the boat off the river bank. The buckets were tied together and rubbed with each other. "This ship is too damn!" A wizard who dragged a raft in shallow water complained, "it's definitely not empty. Let's see how deep the draft is. There must be something in it, such as a miserable dwarf. "If they arrive early in the morning, we can open up and see what's inside." They said. "But now we have no time." The other yelled, "fast, push!" The raft finally drifted away. When it approached a huge stone, the elf pushed it to the main river with a pole. It floats faster and farther towards the long lake town.

第七棒 甩莉





















第八棒 @希望变得勤奋的哲 

(Every dwarf drank the Elf’s wine and they were reborn in desire. Then they enter the GokuRakuJoudo. As they were entertaining themselves in Gokurakujoudo, the elves came.)

Elf A (smiling charmingly): Come! Master Galion! Now is your turn! You can’t be more satisfied, but there was some wine in the glass! Look at yourself! You are making a mess here.

Conductor (frowned and yelled): Obey the order, young man! This young little girl is badly behaved, and LAZY!!

(Conductor clapped his hands solemnly wanting to draw other elves’ attention)

Galion(annoyed): AHHHHHHHHHH! We will do our job perfectly, sir!

(The drunken Galion put his hands around the Conductor’s neck, but he was immediately thrown away)

Elf A(BB silently) If the King’s butter and wine are thrown into the river by mistake and are taken by those scums for free lunch, sooner or later, the King will sweep you with the floor.

(Obviously the conductor had heard the complaints of Elf A. He glared at Elf A, pointing his ear to say that he knew exactly what the Elf is talking.)

Bilbo(Open his eyes in confusion): AHhhhhh(sneeze)…whaaaaaaat is going on?

(At this time the sun had risen from the horizon. Noise came from the river bank as if there were a group of minstrels having a concert.)

Bilbo(Speak to himself) Oh! Look at those elves, they are carrying the barrels to the boats. Cold water will finally bring the barrels to the Happiness Town! Quick, Bilbo! Keep up with them before they notice you!

(Though not getting wet by the water, Bilbo still felt the bitter cold air everywhere. The elves were still playing while working, thus no one noticed that a Hobbit had successfully sneaked into their boat.)

Bilbo(squeezed his nose): Praise the sun! Finally I don’t sneeze anymore!

(Elves started to pull the boat from the water and tied the barrels together.)

Galion(Angry): Damn it! This boat is fu*king heavy! By the King’s crown, I dare to swear that it is definitely not empty! Guess what will we find if we open the barrel!

Elf A (Laugh): A silly, poor dwarf? Hhhhhhhhhh

(Elf A leaned near and was about to open the barrel. Bilbo’s heart had nearly jumped out of his chest.)

Conductor(Seriously): Now we don’t have time for checking! Be quick! Push hard!

(The boat was soon be pushed into the mainstream of Mirkwood river, quickly flowed towards Happiness Town.)

Bilbo( Put his hand over his chest with relief): That was fu*king scary!!!!!

第九棒 @看到青钰请叫她去写字/写文 


第十棒 @The Gray Dawn 

 (The dwarves all drank the elvish wine exultantly, and in their thirst they felt renewed as if they had entered Aman. But when they were enjoying themselves in this unreal land, the elves came.)

Elf A: (smiling charmingly) Come on, Lord Galion! Now it's your turn to cheer us up! There's still wine in the glass, and you'll surely be satisfied, as satisfied as fried chicken! Look at yourself. You're making a mess here.

Administrator: (shouting while frowning) Behave yourselves, elfins! What a poor little girl, and how TM lazy she is!

(The administrator clapped his hands seriously to draw the attention of the other elves.)

Galion: (impatiently) Big Brother, do you know how hard we worked??????!

(The drunk Galion hung himself around the administrator's neck, but he was soon pushed aside.)

Elf A: (BB in a low voice. JPG) If the King's cheeses and wine are accidentally thrown to the river and eaten by the group of moths for free, you will certainly be swept out like rubbish — and never be qualified to be his fans again.

(However, the quiet BB of Elf A was still heard by the administrator, who pointed to his ears to show that he was not deaf and could completely hear what they were BBing.)

Bilbo: (opening his eyes wide, feeling puzzled) Emmmmmmm, what fur are they doing in deed?

(这里一开始机翻是are they having sex?Σ( ° △ °|||)︴没想到你是这样的有道词典)


(Just then, the sun rose above the horizon, and there was a noise from the bank, like a dozen Maglors practicing their voices.)




Bilbo: (to himself) Oh, look at the elves, they're carrying barrels to the boat! The water will carry these barrels to Happy Town. Come on Bilbo, follow these deaf and blind crawfish before they know it!

(Even though he was not wet by the water, Bilbo could feel the cold air around. The elves were working while stroking the fish, and no one noticed a little hobbit slipping into their boat.)

Bilbo: (pinching his nose) Praise the sun! I finally stopped sneezing!

(The elves began to push the boat into the water and tie the barrels together.)

Galion: (in a huff) What the Morgoth, how did this boat become so *** heavy? I can swear by the branches on our King's head that these are not empty! What do you think we'll find if we open these barrels?

Elf A: (laughing) A silly dwarf? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~

(Elf A leaned over and was about to open the barrel. Bilbo's poor little heart was about to jump out of his throat.)

Administrator: (seriously) We don't have time to check! Give it a good shove!

(The boat was soon pushed into the main stream of Mirkwood River, drifting briskly toward Happy Town.)

Bilbo: (placed a hand on his heart in relief) That's too f[harmony]ing scary!!!!


第十一棒 @welleran 








(然而,精灵A 悄没声儿的BB还是被管理员听见了,他指着自己的耳朵以示他不聋,完全能听清他们正在BB什么)













第十二棒 @Riverrun 

The dwarves they drank all of the wine from the elves with joy, and felt themselves almost reborned from the honey-like liquid. As their mind wandered to the fairyland, the woodelves came. 
An elf yelled: 'Master Galion, come on! It's your turn now. Join us, and let us havefun! 'His cheeks blushed for alcohol. 
The sheriff looked a bit mad, 'Watch your words, pixie! You guys are passionate, but too lazy. 'He clapped his hands to draw others' attention. 
'Did you know that this dumbass job has already wiped us out? 'With this Galion stood up and put his arm around the sheriff's waist, and grinned. Although he was pushed aside.
The other elf whispered, 'if our king knows that his cheese and vintages were tossed in the stream, eaten by a bunch of jerks, we will be in great trouble...and we will never be able to praise him! 'Yet the sheriff heard him, he pointed his ear to mention the elf his audition was still exellent. 
Bilbo kept his eyes wide open, 'What the hell are they doing? 'The sun just rose, from the shore came a burst of noises, almost as loud as Maedhros roaring to his six younger brothers. 
Bilbo whispered to himself, 'O, look at those elves, they are loading these barrels to the rafts. The stream will take them to the fairyland! Go, Bilbo, go! Keep up with these deaf Brains of Cthulhu! 'He could feel the chiling air, even that he did not actually get into the river. The elves were trying to appease the fishes, no one noticed the hobbit who sneaked into their cabin. 
He thought to himself, 'Praise to Azura! I no longer have to be irritated by sneezes! '
The elves pushed the tied rafts away from the shore. 
Galion yelled: 'In the name of Morgoth, how comes these foolish rafts be so heavy? I swear to my king's crown, these barrels can't be empty. I say we open them and see what's inside. '

第十三棒 @Anorcuron











第十四棒 @猴子请来的逗比 

The dwarves drank all the elf's beer happily,and thought that they came from those honey liquor.

One of the evles said:"Monsignor Callian,come on!It is your round!Let's playus die?"Then Callian smiled,and standed off,put his arm on the Commander's waist---though he was refused.

The other one said in a low voice:"If our king know that his chess and beer was thrown into the water,and let some uncanny things to make it disappear,we will go in to trouble...We won't have chance to eulogize him any more!"But when the Commander heared what he had said,and then shook his ears as if he was a radar to warn that his ears still can use.

Bilbo was astonished ,"WTF?What are they doing?"The sun rose just now,and some noise was made from the bands,as loud as his screech.

He told to himself:"Oh,look,those evles were putting some barrels on the raft.Rivers will bring them to evles' paradies.Go there,Bilbo,go!Go with these little bourgeoisie!"Although he didn't jump into the river,he still flet cold wind.The evles were trying to make fish clamed down,and no one pay a attention to this hobbit who ran into cabin.

He thought,"Thanks for Saint-Stalin!I'm free from sneezing any more!"

The elves pushed the raft away from band.Gallian said,"Oh,boys!Why this raft is so heavy?I make a flag,we'd better to open and check it."

第十五棒 @Elenar 










第十六棒 @杨不找(Élast) 

The dwarfs drank elves beer happily, just thought they were like those honey wine.

An elf said,"Come on, Galion Your Excellency! It's your turn! Let's vangame together!"His face were like monkey's buttocks because of alcohol.

The commander looked like a little angry,"Pay attention to your manner of speaking, arrogant fool! Your heart is hot like fire, but you are too lazy!" He clapped his hands, trying catching others' attention.

“Just like this stupid job will make us lose our lives.”Galion smiled, then put a bracelet on the commander's waist, though he was resisted.

Other elf murmured,"If our king knows that his chess and wine were thrown into water, and disappeared because of some mysterious mcreatures, we are not far from dying…We'll even lose the chance to extol him!" The commander heard his words, shaking his ears like radar, to prove that his audition was still good.

Bilbo was stunned," What the hell! What are they fucking doing!" The sun had just risen, the crowd made as loud a noise as his screams.

He spoke to himself," Don't believe me just watch, elves are loading barrels onto the ship, and rivers will take them into the doggerels of elves'. Follow them up, Bilbo! Go with those tuhao!" Although he didn't dive into the river, he felt the cold wind blowing as well. Elves were busy finding a place for fishes, thus no one noticed that a little hobbit ran into the cabin.

He thought,"Thanks to Stalin! Now I'll never kerchoo any more!"

The elves pushed the ship away from the crowd. "Oops, bro," said Galion. "Why is this ship so heavy? I'll set up a flag, and we have to open the cabin and look it up again. "

第十七棒 @仲夏之雪 









第十八棒 @Rilelen 

The dwarves drank wine from the elves because it drank like honey and sweet wine. An elf said, “Come on, your majesty, it's your turn! Let's play some interesting (we all know what they are)games.” His face was as red as Anar because of alcohol.
The commander was a little angry.“Pay attention to your words, arrogant as Turin's fool! Your heart is as hot as the fire of Alqualondë, but you are as lazy as Valar(ready to enter Mandos)!" He jumped and applauded, trying to attract attention.
"It is this foolish work that will kill us." Gallion smiled and handed the commander a jewelry bracelet, though he was turned down.
Another elf smacking his mouth and murmur, "If our noble king knows that his beloved chess and wine are thrown into the water and disappear with some unknown creatures... We are not far away from Mandos, and we will lose the opportunity to praise our king. Ah!!! Our king is so pretty that nearly everybody falls in love with him!!! " The commander heard these words and shook his head like Dobby in the next scene, trying to prove that his ears were not bad.
Bilbo was stunned. “Eru Ilúvatar!Why they behave like Morgoth? " At this time Anar rose, and the crowd clamored over his cries.
He said to himself, “don't believe what I saw just now. The elves threw the bucket into the river and followed them. Follow these tyrants (?)! "Though he did not jump the river, he still shivered in the cold wind. The elves were busy looking for fish, so that no one could see a hobbit running into the hut. 
He thought, "thanks to the national and the party!  " Now I don't want to come again! " 
The elves pushed the boat out of the crowd. "Ah, brother," Gallion said, "Why is the boat so heavy? I'll open the hatch and see it again. "










第二十棒 @工二一 

Of Elves and Dwarves.

They sit and sip the serum sweet, 
For it beats the best beer brew breed. 

Then says an elf, 
“Come, my liege, thy turn forth came.
For we shall play some jolly golly gay game.”

There mads and claps a lord,
“Mind, fool of a Doorin, thy word. 
For thy heart heats like the hot Hokkaido,
Yet void like the Valar in Valinor. 

Then Galion chuckles and tackles with a wristlet crystal,
“These lame work will lay waste to us.” 

Another elf chews his food, 
“If our king mighty knew that his light butter and high wine got casted into the bright river, it would be such a blight that we would be on a flight to Mandos nigh.

Nought shall the glory we brought to our lord. He is sooooooooo pretty that we love him!! Yeah!! All hail the king!! We love him!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!! 

The commander (where did he come from?) listens and shakes his head like Adobe (dou bi), trying to hear if this has been edited by Premiere or After Effect. 

Bilbo is aghast, 
“I choked a mother yeah! Why are they acting like Mushrooms?”

Then, Anar the sun goddess stood up, and the world darkens. 
“Cannot believe what I just saw. Elves tossing barrows into the river. Follow them. Follow these crazy nuts. Though he decided to leap over the tarn, he still shivered.” 

The elves were busy looking for fish, sharks, whales, eels, jellyfish, manta rays, dolphins, Chondrichthyes, and Osteichthyes. So no one went into the Hobbito sapien’s home. And he yells, “Praise the Party and thank the Valar!” But I don’t want to see that again. 

The elves, again, squeeze the human out of the boat, if there are any. “Ah bro, why is this so heavy? I’m going to look into the cabin again.” Says Galion. 

第二十一棒 @妮涅尔·涅诺尔 


第二十二棒 @佛罗伦萨的俯瞰者 

These are the elves and drawfs.

They surrounded there, sipping serum withsuger, beating their best beer regularly and seeking to breed. Then one of theelves said, ”Come, my obedient lord, the fourth turn is yours to play somepleasant, amazing gay games.”

There was a maniac lord clapping his hands.“Oh my sanity! A fool in the door, your world. For your heart gets warm likeheated Hokkaido beer, while your voice sounds like a Valar in Valinorexclaiming: Prepare for your trip to Námo’s halls! 

Then with a crystal bracelet tool, Galliangiggled, “This curios speaks nothing but lies and nonsense.” Another elfpondering over his dinner, “ If our king knew that his light butter andhigh-alcohol wine were thrown into the rive, we shall have a brighter flight toMandos!” 

Nothing, we’ve brought all the glory to ourlord. He is such brilliantly such stunningly beautiful, making everyone of usinfatuated. Oh! Marvellous! Everyone welcomes our king! Everyone loves him so!Wonderful! Excellent! Extraordinary! 

Hearing these praise, the high knight shookhis head hard like a domestic little elf. This was edited by a heroine oreffected by hard efforts.

Bilbo objected, “Oh my! Why are they actinglike a group of mushroom!”

Then the whole world darkened as thesun-goddess Anor rose to stand. “Can’t believe what I have seen. The elves arethrowing bacon into river. Following them——these crazy bastards, they are stilltrembling even when they have decided to leap over the small lake in themountains.”

These elves were busy looking fish, sharks,killer whales, eels, jellyfish, manta rays, dolphins, various cartilaginous orboney fish, so no one can get into the Hobbit’s house. Then he shouted, “Hailour great communist party, thanks to the Valars! But I do not want to see thatagain! “

These elves squeezed the men out of theship like squeezing juice, and then nothing left. “Oh brother,why is it suchheavy. I want to see what’s in this dark room.” Galliansaid.


第二十三棒 @人鱼藻 


HoME 9 索伦的败亡 II

II. 西力斯昂哥之塔
看来家父在他"让英雄陷入困境"三年多之后才回到弗罗多和山姆的故事当中(正如他在1944年11月的一封信中所说的那样,VIII.218),"即使是一个作者也无法不费任何时间和精力地使他脱身。"然而,正如前一章中给出的提纲所示,他仍然在思考着那个问题。虽然第五卷仍未完工,但他想到了一个能够使山姆救出弗罗多的要素:西力斯昂哥之塔中夏格拉和哥巴葛的争吵,导致在山姆到达之前几乎所有塔中与米纳斯魔窟的半兽人都被相互屠杀干净(p. 9)。
新章节的第一稿("A")的内容扩展到了山姆沿着陡峭的阶梯向下走,看见两个半兽人从高塔的大门跑出来,被弓箭射倒在地。他看着左边是那座石制建筑,意识到"大门是唯一的入口"(王者归来,p. 178)。这版《王者归来》的草稿已几经完工,但不是所有方面都尽善尽美。首先,章节的开头是这样的:"有一会儿,山姆不知所措地站在禁闭的大门前。他听到半兽人的声音在争吵着......"很明显他没有像他在终章中那样身体凝固。关于这点见p. 21-2。(1)
然后,当山姆摸索着从隧道中的大门前回来时,他想到了他的朋友们(王者归来,p. 173),"外界处于夏尔历法中3月12日黎明前的黑暗,也是他和弗罗多经过十字路口的第三天;阿拉贡则带领着昂巴舰队朝安都因逼近;距梅里离开登哈洛那天第三天早晨,他的前方是德鲁伊甸人的森林。但在米那斯提力斯,皮聘站在城墙上[?等待着],无法入眠,因为主道双堡已经沦陷,敌军迫在眉睫。
再次,西力斯葛哥的堡垒最初被构想成"四层的巨大塔楼",而不是《王者归来》中的三层(p. 176)。它的结构奇特,仿佛是从山坡上流淌下来的建筑。它被潦草地勾勒在了稿纸上(同p. 19),文章的旁边。这段描写本是用铅笔写的,后来用墨水覆盖了,如下:





因此,这个版本一直被沿用至今,这是与《王者归来》中故事最重要的区别(p. 176-8):

毫无疑问,他必须选择这条道路,但他看得越久,就越不喜欢它。他再次戴上魔戒,开始向下走。现在他又可以听见打斗的哀嚎和呐喊声了。他刚从黑暗的大门走出约一半的路程,就有两个半兽人从红光中跑了出来。 他们没有在向他跑来,当摔倒时,他们正在大路上奋力奔跑。显然,他们被其他半兽人从下层的城墙或大门的阴影中击中。(3)之后没有人再出来了。山姆继续向前。他现在[来]到了下降的路径与后面岩石堆中挺立的塔楼低墙交汇的地方。那里有一个狭窄的角落。他再次停下,对于那起事故非常满意,但他很快就发现没有可以进去的路。在光滑的岩石和[?贴合紧凑的]墙壁上根本没有可以抓握的地方,100英尺高处的墙往外翘出。大门是唯一的路。

第一版在这里结束了。因此,在《王者归来》(p. 177)中的整个段落里,山姆试图戴上戒指,并将它据为己有。他的脑中充了宏伟的幻想(源于末日火山上佛罗多的幻想,大纲I和II,p.  5-6),段落并不完整。但在文稿结束时,家父(重重地)写道:山姆绝对不能戴上魔戒。毫无疑问,正是这种感觉让他放弃了这个版本。
他立刻开始写第二篇草稿,"B"。文稿的大部分都用墨水清晰地写就,并标注了数字"LII"(4)和标题"西力斯昂哥之塔"。它的开头与A相同(p. 18):"有一会儿,山姆呆呆地站在了禁闭的大门前。他听到半兽人的声音在争吵着......"在"山姆卫斯先生的抉择"的校订本中提到(初稿之后)"山姆撞了上去,然后摔倒了",用铅笔改成了"山姆撞上了那铜门,然后摔倒在地上。"这在第一篇打印稿中被重复说明;只有在第二篇打印文件中使用了"无意义"这个词。 对此的解释是,在撰写"西力斯昂哥之塔"的版本B时,家父突然被他从前在页面边缘处写下的一个想法所吸引,他告诉自己"必须留下时间让弗罗多恢复和反抗"(5)。为了达成这个目标"山姆必须在大门外晕倒。"毫无疑问,他就就是在这时改变了很多B的开头:


在草稿A中描述当时世界上正在发生的其他事件的段落(p. 18)旁边,家父写道:"让弗罗多和山姆在埃斐尔度阿斯多待一天。所以弗罗多在第12日晚上被抓住,那时梅里在德鲁阿丹森林,法拉米尔在发烧,皮聘与骠骑王在一起,而阿拉贡则在为舰队编排人员。"在B中,这段变成了这样:


当山姆站在通道顶部并眺望着位于魔多的欧洛都因时("它的光芒......映射在光秃秃的岩石表面,就像浸透了鲜血一般",《王者归来》p. 176),家父暂停了一下,在纸上写下了这些注释:


西力斯昂哥之塔仍然是四层,而不是三层。关于堡垒形状的注释也被保留了(见p. 20),尽管有些改动:


这里提到米纳斯魔窟隘口上方的路"穿过里面的山脊中一条锯齿状的裂缝,进入葛哥的山谷,直通邪黑塔"。魔盖这个名字还未被赋予(对照《王者归来》p. 176)。葛哥似乎被立刻改成了葛哥洛斯(对照VIII.256)。这篇文章的开篇中也还未提到牙之塔,但加入了纳霍斯特和卡霍斯特这两个名字。就在那之后。
根据刚刚提到的注释,这个版本现在被有效地沿用到了《王者归来》里山姆拒绝诱惑的那一段中,目前就A的结尾处来看("大门是唯一的路",《王者归来》p. 178)。从这里开始B就有些粗糙,而且还有一部分是提纲的形式。

山姆想象着夏格拉和哥巴葛到底在塔里分别有多少半兽人[旁注:在卷四最后一章中使哥巴葛的人数更为庞大](6)以及他们争斗的原因。"就是现在!"他叫道。他抽出刺钉,奔向敞开的大门——只是为了刺激,假装自己正在跑向什么隐形的尸罗的大网。他没有看见任何障碍,但有什么超越了他意志承受范围的力量挡住了去路。随后,就在大门内,他看见了那两个守卫者。它们巨大的身影似乎坐在台子上,就在他目力刚好所及的阴影中。它们各有三具身体与三个头颅,腿则向内、向外以及向门口伸展。它们的头像秃鹫的头部,而膝盖下则是爪子般的脚掌。(7) 他们由黑色的石头雕成,虽然不能移动,但似乎能感知到周围的一切;有什么邪恶的灵魂栖居于它们体内,监视着。它们知道有一个敌人,试图阻止他进入(或离开)。怀着极大的勇气,因为现在并没有什么事可以做。山姆取出了凯兰崔尔的水晶瓶。他似乎在守卫者们黑色、精雕细琢的眼珠里闪过一道光,但慢慢地他感到它们的敌对化作了恐惧。他快步向前,但即使他这样做了,守卫者们还是传出了什么信号,遥远的塔楼里传来了一声尖厉的哭号。

在《王者归来》(p. 179)中,即使在山姆快步走过大门的时候,"他知道它们又开始虎视眈眈地盯着他,清楚得就像有一块钢铁被钉在他身上一样。从那邪恶的头颅中发出了一声尖厉的哭喊,在他面前的塔楼高墙中回荡。在很高的高处,传来了一声回应般的刺耳铃声。"在前一篇文章的页面空白处,之前段落的旁边,记着:"或者让守卫者们立刻关闭。山姆又一次跨入了陷阱。"





新草稿的开头是山姆进入了塔的大门,但到目前为止,最终文本现在已经根据上述草稿A与B写出,而且与《王者归来》中的几乎并无二致。文章的开头与出版书籍中的完全相同(见p. 22)。山姆这时必须从地下大门的隧道中重新爬到石门的另一边去,因为他还是没有发现机关在哪(注1)。"在外面世界的西方"系列事件都与《王者归来》中的相同(在"皮聘注视着迪耐瑟眼中的疯狂逐渐增长"后,增加了"甘道夫吃力地作着最后的抵抗")。但日期(《王者归来》中是3月14日的中午)被改成了"3月13日的早晨"。 魔盖这个名字在早期被增加上去并首次出现在了文中(p. 22)。塔楼现在有三层。而关于棱堡的位置及高度(见p. 20,22),被调整成了:层层塔楼40,30,20码得从峭壁上伸出,它们的高度分别为80,70或60英尺,改变了原本100,75和50英尺的数据。"最顶上离山姆有25英尺远,再往上就是角楼,还要再高50英尺。"(11)
从“这下可好了!”山姆说。“现在我已经触发前门的警报了!”开始一篇草稿(“C”)被接在了后面。如果没有在校正本D中好好注意过它,那现在就很难理解这篇大部分内容。(12)现在已经来到了故事的尾声,而这些文本却几乎没有记录。在山姆的叙述中,他攀爬到塔的第三层(顶层)的屋顶。在D处有一张小图,展示了塔里的开放空间(p. 19上复制的图很模糊)。

HoME 9 索伦的败亡 阿拉贡的行军与哈拉德人的失败

我已经提到过(p. 8-9),那张纸的背面,IV(描述了弗罗多被抓以及被救的过程),是VIII.397-9中给出的大纲的原始版本,而标题就是"阿拉贡的行军与哈拉德人的失败"。这是一段非常令人费解的文字,我已经全力以赴。事实上它有三种版本,第一版是铅笔字(a),如下:



阿拉贡在埃瑞赫之石展开了他(伊西尔铎)那白色王冠、七星、白树与吹响的号角的旗帜。人们朝他聚拢。(人们在白天看不见阴影之民)阿拉贡了解到他在帕兰提尔里见到的确实是真的:哈拉德人在埃希尔岸边登陆,他们的船只航行到了佩拉基尔的河口。莱本宁的人们在那里做了抵抗——就在一处古代防御工事的遗迹上。哈拉德地区的人蹂躏了这片土地。沿着海岸线,从埃瑞赫到佩拉基尔约有350英里。阿拉贡将几名脚程快的骑手遣去河谷,然后聚集剩下的人赶往佩拉基尔。他不准备沿着海岸线走,因为敌人也会在那里聚集。但经过休息后,他在3月9日的黄昏时出发。他们像风一样踏过林希尔的崎岖小径,又经过拉梅都因的渡口(约150英里远),亡灵大军在他们后面追赶。他在林希尔穿过墨松德河,进入林格尔河谷,所经之处人们皆奋起抵抗。阿拉贡在3月10日晚上到达了拉梅都因。人们在那里集合,计划阻止哈拉德人意图从西北面穿过莱本宁。 阿拉贡与亡灵大军从黑暗中走出来,旗帜上有白色的星星在闪耀。哈拉德人吓坏了,撤退过程中许多都在拉梅都因的河流中溺亡了。阿拉贡在拉梅都因扎营,之后在3月11日清晨进入莱本宁,向着佩拉基尔前进。传言"阴影之王"让哈拉德人恐慌起来,试图逃走:有些船只沿着安都因河撤离了,但他逆流而上,把他们又赶了回去。3月11日晚上,亡灵大军到达佩拉基尔之前在安都因的河畔上扎了营。他们在有人看守的船上放火,击溃了哈拉德人,然后占领了两艘船。12日早上,他们在安都因大河上启航,有哈拉德人船长负责开船。

c版的地理位置似乎让人很难理解。但从阿拉贡的路线看就方便理解多了:这里提到的只是他从墨松德河谷的源头出发,"向着埃瑞赫之石"而去;他抵达林格尔河谷,之后进入了拉梅顿(现阶段位于拉梅都因河的东方:见VIII.437)。然而,275英里对于"拉梅都伊山口与埃希尔安都因三角洲之间"的亡者之路的起点到埃瑞赫来说太长了,也许是笔误错写了175。 (拉梅都伊,见VIII.436)然而,在版本c中,阿拉贡从"靠近墨松德河的出口的科巴斯港岸"离开埃瑞赫,并且"像风一样踏过林希尔的崎岖小径,又经过拉梅都因的渡口(约150英里远)......。他在林希尔穿过墨松德河,进入林格尔河谷......到达了拉梅都因。"但这种描写是毫无意义的,而解释是他的旅程在同一段落中被描述了两次。第一次描写是"他像风一样踏过林希尔的崎岖小径,又经过拉梅都因的渡口(约150英里远)。"第二次则是"他在林希尔穿过墨松德河,进入林格尔河谷......到达了拉梅都因。"这必然意味着林希尔被设定处于它早期的位置,就在科巴斯港所在之处(见VIII.437)。

HoME 9 索伦的败亡 写作年表+注释


我确信,在1944年底长时间的停顿后,我的父亲再次动笔开始写魔戒了。1946年后期,这是当他回归时章节'米那斯提力斯'和'洛汗集结'被废弃的开场。对于之后的写作年表来说,除了他信件中相当模糊的陈述外,几乎没有其他证据。1946年9月30日(信件106号,致Stanley Unwin),他说他'上周再次动笔',又写了一章,但并不知道是什么。在1946年12月7日(第107号信件,致Stanley Unwin)中写道:“我仍然希望能尽快完成我'伟大的作品':指环王,并让你在不久或一月之前看到它。我只剩下最后几章了。”
在一封未出版的1947年5月5日致Stanley Unwin的信中他写道:“它并不是'霍比特人'配称的后续,但是之后我就几乎没有任何时间工作了”;另外一封5月28日的信件中“我还没有写作的时间。”他在1947年7月31日(109号信件中)说道:“重要的让它按计划完成然后被评断”;又过了八个月他在(1948年4月7日,114号信件,致Hugh Brogan)中他写道:“目前只有写完最后几章的困难,还有纸张的短缺在阻止其印刷。我希望它至少能在今年完成......”随后,在1948年8月31日(117号信件,仍然是致Hugh Brogan),他说,“我计划夏天的时候开始'撤退',并且很高兴我最终成功把《魔戒》领向一个完美的结局。” 
我知道的唯一其他证据是在两页纸中找到的,我的父亲在上面列出了一个学术职位的候选人名单,和他们以往的经验。他在几个名字旁记下了出生日期和年龄,很明显时间点在1948年。在其中一张纸的背面是“魔影之地”的草稿,记载了弗罗多和山姆看见魔多的阴影被驱散(王者归者 p.196);第二部分写满了对于“西力斯昂哥之塔”中食物和水的讨论与设想(王者归来 p.190),而它背面是一篇很杂乱的有关山姆在塔中发现弗罗多的草稿。 


1. 我能给出的只言片语已经足够显示出下方的故事都基本相同。潦草的钢笔字止于铅笔字结束之前,后者的最后一句话是:“索恩多(早期形式的索隆多)俯冲而下,带走了山姆和弗罗多。他们与战争平原上的众人重新回合了。”关于施救的巨鹰缩恩多的命名着实令人吃惊,但可能可以被解释为一种无意识地怀念(当他写得够快时)《精灵宝钻》中对于贝伦与露西恩的救援。 
2. 对照《王者归来》中戒灵的结局(p.224):从风暴的中心...戒灵冲了出来,像离弦的箭,在山坡和天空的炽热废墟中破碎、枯萎,最终消散。 
3. 时间还是在二月。月中的变化请见VII.324-5,以及对照在VIII.226中给出的本文的年表。 
4. 对照"从法贡森林预见的故事"(VII.438):"回到弗罗多这边,他眺望着那无法穿透的夜晚,然后借着水晶瓶的光刺穿了阴影,使他得以看见魔多的援军和黑压压的军队正在汇合。这里我标出(VII.440,注15):此处凯兰崔尔的水晶瓶之光必须被设想成非常强大的、一颗黑暗中实实在在的星星。" 
5. "索伦已经参与了战争":尽管这些词语的意义很明显,但家父的意思不可能是索伦离开了邪黑塔。
6. 哥巴葛取代了亚古尔(Yagul)作为校订本手稿"山姆卫斯先生的抉择"(见VIII.225,注46)中米纳斯魔窟的半兽人的名字。这里"夏格拉说服哥巴葛不要急着赶去送信"表明了哥巴葛是来自西力斯昂哥之塔的半兽人,但也有下面这几行文字"夏格拉给路格柏兹送去了消息"。进一步见提纲VI,p. 9。
7. 他必须回头并从山下穿过:即山姆必须回头走出隧道直到堡垒,然后从另外一边下去(对照《王者归来》p. 173-5)。 
8. 相当小的要塞:我认为这意味着并不是"仅仅一个小要塞",而是"一个真正的要塞,即使不大,但不仅是一座塔"。 
9. 末日火山(Mount Dum)的拼写见VII.373,VIII.118。
10. 家父看不清这里的铅笔字,所以在旁边标注了问号。 
11. 这是对魔盖的第一次描写(在第二张地图上,VIII.435、438,有标记和注明) 。
12. 与前文密切相关的提纲"阿拉贡的行军与哈拉德人的失败"简要介绍了有关洛瑞恩斗篷和佛罗多的救援(VIII.398):
13. 对照"佛兰尼斯特的预言"(VIII.361): 
14. 这句话旁边有一个用铅笔写的"X"。对照"佛兰尼斯特的预言"(VIII.360):"索伦......第一次听说到弗罗多这个名字是在5月15那天,同时也从戒灵那里得知了在帕兰诺平原上的败亡与阿拉贡的行军......他派出西力斯昂哥的戒灵去找弗罗多。" 
15. 这一段旁边的空白处写着:"当山姆进来时,弗罗多惊恐得像个哥布林。对于新魔戒持有者的仇恨攫住了他,痛苦的咒骂与被背叛的诅咒涌向他的嘴唇。" 
16. 在页间的空白处写到:"魔戒是个巨大的负担,特别是在他有一段时间摆脱它了之后。" 
17. 在这些日期旁边写着"10英里,15,15,15"。 


HoME 9 索伦的败亡 I


I. 弗罗多与山姆在魔多的故事 
对于在最初的设计中应当是魔戒被毁之地、远征队终点的炙热之山,可以追溯到《魔戒》的早期创作。它最早出现在甘道夫与宾格·博尔格-巴金斯(Bingo Bolger-Baggins),同时也是弗罗多的前身,在袋底洞里(VI.82)的对话中出现:"我想你必须得找到炙热之山中其中一条大地裂隙,然后将它投进那秘火,如果你真的想要摧毁它的话。" 它已经收录在一个精确地追溯到1939年(VI.380)的版本中。














随后家父否决了 '他夸张地张开双臂,选择终结自己的生命' 这句话。 
另一个版本II,与版本I有着密切的关联。它用墨水书写而成,覆盖了另一篇更为剪短的、铅笔书写的文章。II很难读懂,一部分是因为整张纸都写满了,另一部分是由于内容本身(家父难以确定开头的方式,所以在句末加上了省略号和问号)。 (1)







弗罗多和山姆藏在岩石间,西力斯葛哥的平原上布满了军队。他们很绝望,因为想要通过这样的地方是不可能的。不过慢慢地,他们沿着北方走向那污秽狭窄的地方,从而到达末日火山附近。 (9)







第14天,山姆杀死了哥巴葛,救出弗罗多,他们在逃走时化装成了半兽人。就这样他们在那天晚上来到了山谷底部,惊讶地发现那里似乎没有守卫,也没有任何人,但他们还是选择避开道路前进(一处陡峭的阶梯从塔顶通向米纳斯魔窟的主要道路,穿越西力斯昂哥,通过魔多的平原到巴拉多)。夜晚是那样黑暗。 (15)
他们经历了各种艰难险阻,终于到达了距离欧洛都因西北面大约55英里处的伊瑞德力苏。他们用了(一部分)20,21,22,23日的时间沿着陡坡跋涉。 (17)

这里文章结束了,最后家父用铅笔写道:"用旧的草稿。"也许他指的是版本II(p. 6),尽管似乎有理由认为(p. 7)该提纲属于与现在的案文大致相同的时间段。 

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Glory 荣 EC/AL/梅熊




他跳下树的动作很优雅轻巧,他叫了他的名字。"Maitimo! " Laurelin的金色光芒在他发间的金丝上闪耀。就要到金银树交辉的时候了,他们躺在草地上等待着。Fingon的手指绕着Maedhros红铜色的发丝。

*M氏家族就是绯红女巫建立的一个虚构的世界,在那个世界里每个人都过上了自己想要的生活,所以老万最后好像统治了世界...但是教授被Bucky刺杀了 好像是这个样子吧我不太记得了 详情大家可以度娘查一下